Hog Radio Past Guests Page

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Hog Radio Past Guests Page

Welcome to the Hog Radio Past Guest Page
Below is a list all the past guests we’ve interviewed on the Hog Radio show. Hog Radio has been blessed to have interviewed some of the biggest names in the world of motorcycling. We’re always scouring the world for great guests with interesting stories to share with you our listeners.   We invite you to peruse our Hog Radio Past Guests Page and listen to some of these great interviews we’ve captured and saved from past years.  

To listen to any of these previously aired shows just click the LISTEN NOW text and you will be directed to that specific episode.  In the cases where there isn't a LISTEN NOW link,  we are unable to offer this episode for listening.

We thank all of our guests for their time and contribution to making Hog Radio the Best in Bikertainment.

Dave Preston Writer and Industry Insider  Dave L. Hough Author Proficient Motorcycling Tom Mehren Publisher of Sound Rider www.soundrider.com

Genevieve Schmitt Writer & Founder of Women Riders Now www.womenridersnow.com   LISTEN NOW

J Peter Kaye Publisher of Wheels of Grace Magazine

Marty Edwards President of Black Sheep - Harley Davidson’s for Christ www.BlackSheepHDFC.org  LISTEN NOW

Jay Ridley Vice President of Ridley Motorcycles www.ridleymotorcycles.com   LISTEN NOW

Jean Davidson Grandaughter of Harley-Davidson Founder Walter Davidson www.jeandavidson.com  LISTEN NOW

Mark Mederskie
Director of the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum
www.motorcyclemuseum.org  LISTEN NOW

Basem Wasef
Author of Legendary Motorcycles LISTEN NOW

Craig Vetter
Legendary Motorcycle Designer www.craigvetter.com

Pastor Fred Z
President of Bikers for Christ www.bikersforchrist.org

Jay Barbarie
Producer of American Thunder and Author of Bikers Handbook LISTEN NOW

John Grice Co-Founder of Bikers Against Hunger 
www.bikersagainsthunger.org  LISTEN NOW

Bryan Duncan
Musician, Biker and host of Radio Rehab www.bryanduncan.com LISTEN NOW

Jeff White
Founder of Motorcycle Victims Accident Fund www.mvaf.org

JP Lilly "Chief" Founder of Bikers Against Child Abuse www.bacausa.com

Craig Tharpe
president of All Harley Darg Racing Association www.ahdra.com  LISTEN NOW

Dean & Debbie Anderson
Owners of Hogs on the High Seas, Dave Preston www.hogsonthehighseas.com   LISTEN NOW

Dave Nichols
Author of One Percenter and Editor of V-Twin and Easy Riders magazines  LISTEN NOW

John Davis
Publisher of NWcycleReport www.NorthwestCycleReport.com

Emilio Scotto
Author of The Longest Ride www.emilioscotto.com

Ken Watson
Ride for Kids Hero www.rideforkids.org   LISTEN NOW

Faith Dowden
Wheels of Grace Unity Ride Coordinator
www.wheelsofgrace.com  LISTEN NOW

Ron Galletti
Publisher/Producer of Born to Ride TV, Magazine
www.borntoride.com   LISTEN NOW

Mike Dalgaard
Publisher of Quick Throttle Magazine www.quickthrottle.comn LISTEN NOW

JT Hasely
H.O.G. Regional Coordinator www.harley-davidson.com

Mike Corbin
owner of Corbin Custom Seats

Bill Dube
Owner of Killa Cycle www.killacycle.com   LISTEN NOW

Matt Stone
Author of McQueens Machines LISTEN NOW

Flash Gordon M.D.
Author of Blood, Sweat and 2nd Gear

Robert Pandia
Coordinator of International Motorcycle Shows
www.motorcycleshows.com  LISTEN NOW

Dave Barr
Author of Riding the Edge www.davebarr.com 

Myrle Carner
Co-Host of Cop Talk Radio, Producer of Washington States Most Wanted  www.coptalk.org   LISTEN NOW

Don Criscadien
Vietnam vet and friend (Special Edition Veterans Day Show includes music)  LISTEN NOW

Trapper Cane and Podre Don
 Co-founder and Podre of the Canadian Army Veterans Motorcycle Units CAV www.thecav.ca

Seattle IMS Show Hour 1  LISTEN NOW

Seattle IMS Show Hour 2  LISTEN NOW

Seattle IMS Show Hour 3  LISTEN NOW

Seattle IMS Show Hour 4  LISTEN NOW

Ralph Juarez WA/ID CMA State Coordinator & Lay Minister & Mike Dalgard QTNW Publisher www.cmausa.org  LISTEN NOW

Radio Drama Rider in the Storm  LISTEN NOW

Tim Lowe
WA State President Warriors Brotherhood Veterans Motorcycle Club www.wbvmcwa.com  LISTEN NOW

Mike Brown Builder & Owner AMEN Motorcycles www.amenmotorcycles.com  LISTEN NOW

Richard Lester
Attorney & Founder of NCOM & AIM www.aimncom.com

Marc Springer Owner of Snortn' Boar Racing, James Lathrop owner of Rolling Thunder Saloon/SnakepitRally  LISTEN NOW

Michael Lichter Photographer & Author of Arlen Ness King of the Choppers  LISTEN NOW

Brian Klock Builder & Owner of Klock Werks Kustom Baggers  www.kustomcycles.com  LISTEN NOW

Dave Perewitz Builder owner of Perewitz Cyle Fabrication www.perewitz.com  LISTEN NOW

Aarron Frank Author of Honda Motorcycles and Editor at Large for Motorcyclist Magazine  LISTEN NOW

Brenda Fox Motorcycle Tv Spokesperson, Stunt Rider and Bike Broker http://www.womenmotorcyclist.com/  LISTEN NOW

Rick Baldwin Founder and Wendy Funicelo Coordinator of the Seattle Children's Ride www.childrens-ride.com   LISTEN NOW

Broc Glover AMA Champion and Breath Easy Ride Founder
www.breatheasyride.net   LISTEN NOW

John Grice Bikers against Hunger and John Davis Publisher of NW Cycle report www.bikerprayerforthenation.com 
www.northwestcyclereport.com  LISTEN NOW 

Dave Preston Friend of the show and Industry expert  LISTEN NOW

Brady Wright Friend of the show, H.O.G. Director and Habitat for Humanity Volunteer  LISTEN NOW

Dan Harris Journey to Freedom Ride Founder and Artie Muller Coordinator for Rolling Thunder  LISTEN NOW

Dale Bone Director of Puget Sound Crusie 4 kids Ride www.cruise4kids.org  LISTEN NOW

Keith Wong and Tom Finkin Bike Builder and Owner of Zackys Customs

Al Paquette President of Al Paquette Ministries www.hd4jc.com

Craig Vetter
Inventer, designer and Racer

Mondo Porras Legendary Bike Builder, owner of Denvers Choppers www.denverschoppers.com  LISTEN NOW

Children's Auction Pt 1 Arlen Ness, Keith Wong & Tom Finkin

Children's Hospital Pt 2 Brian & Laura Klock, Paul Yaffee & Michael Lichter LISTEN NOW

Lance Lambert Host of The Vintage Vehicle TV Show
www.vintagevehicletv.com  LISTEN NOW

Mike Vaughan Former Marketing director for Kawasaki America, Columnist and industry insider  LISTEN NOW

Ed Youngblood Author, columnist and Motorcycle Historian Former AMA President.   www.motohistory.net   LISTEN NOW

Steve Doty
Co-Founder of American Veterans Traveling Tribute
www.avtt.org   LISTEN NOW

Dave Chappel Owner of Biker sanctuary B&B, Mick Rairdon Ride for Kids Rep  LISTEN NOW

Dr Greg Frazier Adventure bike Rider and author www.horizonsunlimited.com/gregfrazier  LISTEN NOW

Bryan Duncan Musician, Singer and Author of Hogwash Ride Smilling

Kevin Martin Owner Dragonfly Cycle Concepts www.dragonflycycleconcepts.com and Sasha Mullins Singer, Musician and The Author of Chrome Cowgirl http://www.bikerlady.com 


JoAnn Bortels Painter and Author www.crazyhorsepainting.com

Icabod Cain Host of KMPS Morning show and Cyril Huze Pro Bike Builder and owner or Cyrilhuzeblog www.cyrilhuzeblog.com  LISTEN HERE

Bill Ruehl www.projectoldwing.com and Chris McGee Industry insider and Owner of Rev Com www.revcomm.com former Persident of ADM

Randall Wilson documentary film producer and creator of American Biker.  www.guerilladocs.com  LISTEN HERE

Desperado is the National President of the Brothers In Arms Motorcycle Club www.biamc.org  LISTEN HERE

Oz Fox the lead guitarist for the legendary rock group Stryper. www.stryper.comGaurav Jani Adventure rider, film maker of One Crazy Ride.  www.dirttrackproductions.com  LISTEN NOW

Bill "Press" Hayes, Author of the new book The Booze Fighters MC.
www.bfmc101.org www.givemebackmywig.com  LISTEN NOW

Joe Sulivan Coordinator for the Olympia Toy Run and Robert Pandia spokesperson for International Motorcycle Show www.olytoyrun.com and www.motorcycleshows.com   LISTEN NOW

2009 Seattle International Motorcycle Show (IMS) Hour One  LISTEN NOW

2009 Seattle International Motorcycle Show (IMS) Hour Two   LISTEN NOW

2009 Seattle International Motorcycle Show (IMS) Hour Three  LISTEN NOW

2009 Seattle International Motorcycle Show (IMS) Hour Four  LISTEN NOW

2009 Seattle International Motorcycle Show (IMS) Hour Five  LISTEN NOW

Episode 103 Tom Zimberoff Author and Creator of art of the Chopper wwww.artofthechopper.com  LISTEN NOW 

Episode 104 Brian Seven Lawson Director of The national sport Bike Association and and memebr of Razors Edge  LISTEN NOW

Episode 106 Ron Baptiste Founder of Covenant Confirmers Ministry www.covenantconfirmers.org   LISTEN NOW

Episode 107 Jerry Covington Owner of Covington's Cycle City www.covingtonscyclecity.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode 108 John Wooley Author of Big Book of Biker Flicks
www.johnwooley.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode 109 Cole Foster Bike Builder and owner of Salinas Boys Customs   www.salinasboys.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode 110 Brenda Hickling Thatcher Int Pres of Motor Maids MC
www.motormaids.org   LISTEN NOW

Episode 112 Gil Vaillancourt AMA Hall of Famer & Owner of Works Performance www.worksperformance.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode 113 Darwin Holmstrom author of The Harley-Davidson Motor Company Archive Collection  LISTEN NOW

Episode 114 Mike Lavallee Artist, Painter, TV Celeb www.killerpaint.com 

Episode 115 Donnie Smith Legendary Custom Bike Builder www.donniesmith.com 

Episode 116 Craig Vetter Legendary Designer and Inventor www.craigvetter.com 

Episode 120 Dave Hough Author and Expert rider   LISTEN NOW

Episode 121 Louie Nobs VP Soldiers For Jesus MC
http://www.soldiersforjesusmc.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode122 Danny Koker Owner of Counts Kustoms www.countskustoms.com 

Episode 123 Dave Uhl Fine artist and owner of UHL Studios
http://www.uhlstudios.com  LISTEN NOW

Episode 124 Keith Wong Owner of Zacy's Customs www.zackyscustomrods.com LISTEN NOW

Episode 125 Dave Eady Seattle Cossacks and Mick Rairdan Ride for Kids Rep http://www.seattlecossacks.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode 126 Mike Tomas owner of Kiwi Indian Motorcycles www.kiwiindian.com 

Episode 128 Chris Callen Publisher of Cycle Source Magazine www.cyclesource.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode 129 Ray Riches Motorcycle Cop.   LISTEN NOW

Episode 130 Ron Finch legendary Custom Bike Builder
http://www.finchscustoms.com  LISTEN NOW

Episode 131 Michael Lichter Photo Journalist and Custom Bike Exibitor www.lichterphoto.com  LISTEN NOW

Episode 132 Eddie Trotta Legendary Custom Bike Builder www.thundercycle.com

Episode 133 Patrick Healy President of Bikers Fighting Cancer
www.bikersfightingcancer.org   LISTEN NOW

Episode 135 Jerry Snowden Christian Crusaders Motorcycle Ministry President
www.christiancrusaders-us.org   LISTEN NOW 

Episode 136 Genevieve Schmitt Motorcycle Journalist and Publisher
www.womenridersnow.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode 137 Mondo Porras Denvers Choppers owner and Ken Watson Ride For kids Rep  www.denverschoppers.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode 138 Jeff Nicklus Desperado Motorcycles Interview
www.desperadomotorcycles.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode 139 Buzz Kanter American Iron Magazine Publisher
www.aimag.com  LISTEN NOW

Episode 140 Christine Diers Executive Director Sturgis Motorcycle Museum www.sturgismuseum.com   LISTEN NOW

Epiosde 141 Nick Lee Owner of World Burnout Tour
www.worldburnouttour.com  LISTEN NOW

Episode 143 Roger Goldammer Custom Bike Builder
www.goldammercyle.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode 144 Dale Walksler Owner of Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum
www.wheelsthroughtime.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode 145 Jerry Hatfield Author and Motorcycle Historian
www.rolliefreebook.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode 146 John Parham Owner of J & P Cycles Catalog Company
www.jpcycles.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode 147 Special Veterans Show with Top Wayne Cook WA Marines MC Pres
www.wamarinesmc.us   LISEN NOW 

Episode 148 Robert Pandia IMS Spoksperson, Bert Baker Baker Transmissions
www.bakerdrivetrain.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode 150 Rod Woodruf owner of the Buffalo Chip Campground
www.buffalochip.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode 151 Hour One 2010 Seattle IMS Floor Show. Dave Roosevelt of Ducati Motorcycles, Gary the rep for Spyder, Mike Talarico of Schuberth Helmets and Jeff Gerbing of Gerbing Heated clothing   LISTEN NOW

Epiosde 152 Hour Two 2010 Seattle IMS Floor show. Richard from Star Riding Association, Warren from Yamaha Motorcycles, Adam from Kawasaki Motorcycles and Ride for kids Reps   LISTEN NOW

Epiosde 153 Hour Three 2010 Seattle IMS Floor Show. Greg Fulkner Harley-Davidson Manufacturers rep then its onto Stitch Rich of Rich's Custom Seats.  Segment three begins with an interview with Scott Cook GM of Eastside Harly-Davidson and to round off the hour we have Charles  Wiley of American Suzuki Motor Corporation   LISTEN NOW

Episode 154 Hour Four 2010 Seattle IMS Floor Show.  Tom of Aid our Vets.  Segment two we talk with Rhody owner of EZ- Aim.  Hour three we chat with Robert Pandia IMS spokesperson and we finish the last segment out with Sue and Gin of Women Motorcycle Foundation.   LISTEN NOW

Episoe 155 Hour Five 2010 Seattle IMS Floor Show. Tigra Tsujikawa AMA Spokesperson. The second segment we bring on Eric Folkstad of Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally. Third segment we talk with Robert Mercer of the Pacific Northwest Museum of Motorcycling.  Last but not least we round out the hour with Dawn Boston from progressive Insurance Corporation.   LISTEN NOW

Episode 157 Interview with Bill Hayes author of American Biker
www.americanbikerthebook.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode 158 Interview with Charlie St Clair Co Director of Laconia Motorcycle Week. www.laconiamcweek.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode 159 Interview with Danny Walker AMA Champion Racer and owner of American Supercamp.   LISTEN NOW

Episode 162 Interview with Malcolm Smith Hall of Fame Inductee and Off Road World Champion Racer.  www.malcolmsmith.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode 163 Interview with Ted Sands Director of New Business at Performance machine. www.performancemachine.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode 164 Becky Brown Interview president of Women in the Wind. www.womeninthewind.com  LISTEN NOW

Episode 165 Brigitte Bourget President of Bourgets Bikes Works www.bourgets.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode 166 Interview with Gard Hollinger owner of LA County Chop Rods www.lachoprods.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode 167 Interview with Matt Olson Cannonball Participant and son of Carl Olson of Carls Cycle Supply www.carlscyclesupply.com  LISTEN NOW

Episode 168 Interview with Kevin Baas of Baas Metal craft www.baasmetalcraft.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode 170 Interview with Keith Thye owner of Ride West BMW www.ridewest.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode 171 Interview with Bobby Mountain musician www.bobbymountain.com  and lake Washington BACA Chapter www.bacausa.com    LISTEN NOW 

Episode 173 Helge Pedersen Adventure Rider, Author, film maker and owner of Globe Riders www.globeriders.com    LISTEN NOW

Episode 174 Down Town Harley-Davidson Live Show Part 1   LISTEN NOW

Episode 177 Roland Sands Custom Bike builder, Parts designer and business owner www.rolandsands.com    LISTEN NOW

Episode 176 Down Town Harley-Davidson Live Show Pt 2   LISTEN NOW

Episode 178 Mike Vaughan Writer, historian and industry insider  LISTEN NOW

Episode 180 Keith Wong and Smantha Carbajal Keith is a bike builder and Samantha is his apprentice www.zackysrods.com   LISTEN NOW

Episode 181 Don Emde Historian, Author, AMA HAll of famer and Publisher www.partsmag.com   LISTEN NOW 

Episode 182 Jeff Heininger Chairman of the board Hall of Fame Motorcycle Museum   LISTEN NOW

Episode 183 Jeff Nicklus Desperado Junction/Motorcycles, Bobby Rock Golden Hills Resort  LISTEN NOW

Episode 185 Dave Preston Interview   LISTEN NOW

Episode 186 Jim Hamilton Founder Sturgis Black Hills Rally Evangelism Ministry

Episode 187 Dan Wilson founder of Wyatt Wilson Ride, Nick Lee World Burn Out King  LISTEN NOW

Episode 189 Michael Lichter and Toni Woodruff Interview LISTEN NOW

Episode 190 Chris Sommer Simmons  LISTEN NOW

Episode 191 Part Three Down Town H-D Interviews   LISTEN NOW

Episode 192 Lance Lambert Vintage Vehicle TV Show  LISTEN NOW

Episode 193 Ken Hines Lehman Trikes Pres Interview    LISTEN NOW

Episode 194 Black Hills Rally Part 1 Interviews  LISTEN NOW

Episode 195 Black Hills Rally Part 2 Interviews   LISTEN NOW

Episode 196 Blak Hills Rally Pt 3 Jeff Decker Interview LISTEN HERE

Episode 197 Stue Peters Motocross Promoter Interview LISTEN NOW

Episode 198 Wes Annable Patriot Custom Cycle Interview LISTEN NOW

Episode 200 Mark Mederski and John Parham Interview LISTEN NOW

Episode 201 Rick Fairless Interview LISTEN NOW

Episode 202 Big Daddy Don Garlits LISTEN NOW

Episode 203 Gary Mraz Interview LISTEN NOW

Episode 205 Special Veterans Day show LISTEN NOW

Episode 206 Joe Sullivan Interview LISTEN NOW

Episode 207 Jean Dividson Interview LISTEN NOW

Episode 208 Mike Cuadhill IMS Rep Interview LISTEN NOW

Episode 210 2011 Seattle International Motorcycle Show LISTEN NOW

Episode 209 Christa Neuheuser Road Runner Editor LISTEN NOW

Episode 212 Mike Hudnell Gold Wing Road Riders LISTEN NOW

Episdoe 214 Betsy Lister Motorcycle Rights Advocate LISTEN NOW

Episode 215 Sasha Mullins Lassiter The Chrome Cowgirl LISTEN NOW

Episode 217 Glen Almany Founder of Rally at the Strip LISTEN NOW

Episode 218 Zsolt Dornay Chief Safety Trainer & former Moto Cop LISTEN NOW

Episode 219 Helge Pedersen Adventure rider and Author LISTEN NOW

Episode 221 Tamela Rich Author of Live Full Throttle LISTEN NOW

Episode 222 Scot Harden VP of Marketing Zero Motorcycles LISTEN NOW

Episode 223 Brother Kuba and Scott Westerholm LISTEN NOW

Episode 223 Kelly Corwin National Spokesperson for Ride for Kids LISTEN NOW

Episode 224 Corky Davis founder of JURGZ Just us Regular Girlz LISTEN NOW

Episode 225 Dave Eady Member of Seattle Causacks Drill Team  LISTEN NOW

Episode 226 Michael Cole Custom Builder owner Gravesend Cycles LISTEN NOW 

Episode 227 Craig Bramscher Founder of Brammo Electric Cycles LISTEN NOW

Episode 228 Jeremy Kupp Award winning Custom Bike Builder LISTEN NOW

Episode 229 Chris Johnson Motorcycle Safety Instructor LISTEN NOW

Episode 230 Steve Iacona Award winning Custom Bike Builder LISTEN NOW

Episode 232 Ed Youngblood Motorcycle Historian LISTEN NOW

Episode 233 Mary McGee Legendary Cycle and Car Racer LISTEN NOW

Episode 234 Tigra Tsujikawa AMA Spokeswoman & Bill Hayes Author LISTEN NOW 

Episode 235 Michael Beland Custom Bike Builder owner A1 Cycle LISTEN NOW 

Episode 236 Betsy Lister Biker Rights Advocate LISTEN NOW

Episode 237 Tiffany Coats Global Adventure Rider LISTEN NOW

Episode 238 Ray Sassevile Sturgis North Founder & Jeff Nicklus Desperado Motorcycles LISTEN NOW 

Episode 239 Sara Liberte founder of Garage-Girls and Photo Journalist LISTEN NOW 

Episode 241 Michael Lichter Photo Journalist and Chris Callen Publisher of Cycle Path Interviews LISTEN NOW

Episode 242 Gregg Mumm Cycle Activist Dir of Blue Ribbon Commission, Jeff Henshaw Cycle Activist and Blogger, Eric Buel Interviews LISTEN NOW

Episode 243 Willy Nelson American Legion Riders Interview LISTEN NOW

Episode 244 Chris Johnson Safety Instructor Interview LISTEN NOW

Episode 245 Colsen Burnspokeperson for the BBB Motorcycle Rally, Greg Mumm activist Interviews LISTEN NOW

Episode 246 Kelly Corwin Ride for Kids Spoksperson Interview LISTEN NOW

Episode 247 Russell Mitchel Bike Builder owner of Exil Cycles Interview LISTEN NOW

Episode 249 Brady Wright Guest Host and Jeff Lincoln Spokesperson for Alstate Safety Campaign Interview LISTEN NOW 

Episode 250 Abe Aamidor Author and British Cycle Historian Interview LISTEN NOW

Episode 252 Bill Wood AMCA Editor LISTEN NOW

Episode 253 Greg Mumm Blue Ribbon Coalition LISTEN NOW

Episode 254 Jean Davidson Grandaughter of H-D Co-Founder LISTEN NOW

Episode 255 Sue Fish AMA Racer and HAll of Fame Inductee LISTEN NOW

Episode 257 Brian Slark AMA Racer and Hall of Fame Inductee LISTEN NOW

Episode 258 Peter Starr Award Winning Film Maker and Avid Cyclist LISTEN NOW

Episode 259 Live 2012 Seattle International Motorcycle Show PT 1 LISTEN NOW

Episode 260 Live 2012 Seattle International Motorcycle Show PT 2 LISTEN NOW

Episode 261 Special Christmas Show with Walt and Steve LISTEN NOW 

Episode 262 Bob Kay HEad of AMD Ultimate Biker Build off LISTEN NOW

Episode 263 Ed Youngblood former AMA Pres and Historian LISTEN NOW

Episdoe 265 Trooper Darren Wright WA State Trooper LISTEN NOW

Episode 266 Robert Pandya & Greg Brew Indian Motorcycle Update LISTEN NOW

Episode 267 Donnie Smith Custom Bike Builder LISTEN NOW

Episode 268 Chris Callen Cycle Source Magazine LISTEN NOW

Episode 269 Martin Jack Rosenblum American Music Historian & Harley-Davidson Archivist LISTEN NOW

Episode 270 Jody Perewitz Custom builder & Land Speed Record Holder LISTEN NOW

Episode 272 Robert Pandya Indian Motorcycle Engine Reveal Update LISTEN NOW

Episode 273 Jim Fricke Harley-Davidson Museum Director LISTEN NOW

Episode 274 Dave Preston Industry Insider LISTEN NOW

Episode 275 Jacob McMurry Experience Music Project Museum Curator LISTEN NOW

Episode 276 Gary Mraz Author & Editor of Bikernet Trikes LISTEN NOW

Episode 277 Dale Walksler Wheels Through Time Museum Owner LISTEN NOW

Episode 278 Chris Johnson Rider Safety Trainer LISTEN NOW

Episode 279 Keith Ball Bikernet Publisher LISTEN NOW

Episode 280 Chris Westerholm founder of Dragon Last Ride LISTEN NOW

Episode 281 Rusty Creed Allstate Rep & Kelly Corwin Ride For Kids LISTEN NOW

Episode 282 Dave Hough & Chris Johnson Rider Safety Experts LISTEN NOW

Episode 284 David Aldana Hall of Fame AMA Racer LISTEN NOW 

Episode 285 Craig Vetter AMA Hall of Fame & Designer LISTEN NOW

Episode 286 Michael Lichter photo Journalist LISTEN NOW

Episode 287 Paul "The Vintagent" D Orleans Blogger, Journalist LISTEN NOW

Episode 288 Bobby Wood, NHRA Racer, Author and owner of Wood Carbs LISTEN NOW

Episode 289 Terry Hershner World record holder Electric Motorcycle ride LISTEN HERE

Episode 290 Jeff Nicklus Desperado Motorcycles LISTEN NOW

Episode 291 Kris Weiss Marketing Dir for Ray Price H-D LISTEN NOW

Episode 292 Gary Mraz Industry Journalist & Author LISTEN NOW

Episode 293 Keith Thye Adventure Rider owner of BMW Dealership LISTEN NOW

Episode 294 Sue Roberson Owner of Man Power to Horse Power LISTEN NOW

Episode 295 Mike Tomas Kiwi Indian LISTEN HERE

Episode 298 Larry Little VP of AIME Expo LISTEN NOW

Episode 299 Larry Little Full Interview LISTEN NOW

Episode 300 Kyle McCarty Safety Technician WA DOL LISTEN NOW

Episode 301 James Whitaker Custom Bike Builder LISTEN NOW

Episode 302 Betsy Lister Rider Advocate LISTEN NOW

Episode 303 Felicia Morgan Writer Photo Journalist LISTEN NOW

Episode 305 Alan Blair Author and Racer LISTEN NOW

Episode 306 Dwain Deville Author and Rider LISTEN NOW

Episode 307 Lance Lambert Host Vintage Vehicle Show LISTEN NOW

Episode 308 Jeff Starke Founder IMBBA LISTEN NOW

Episode 314 Robert Beagle Comedian & Biker Chaplin LISTEN NOW

Episode 315 Moody Scott 60's R&B Singer LISTEN NOW

Episode 316 Monkey Butt Radio Hosts LISTEN NOW

Episode 317 Craig Vetter Legendary Designer LISTEN NOW

Episode 318 Live at the 2014 International Motorcycle Show PT1 LISTEN NOW

Episode 319 Live at the 2014 International Motorcycle Show PT2 LISTEN NOW

Episode 320 Bobby Colella Riders Rights Advocate LISTEN NOW

Episode 321 Bryan Carrol Director of Why We Ride Movie LISTEN NOW

Episode 322 Rick Fairless Bike Builder LISTEN NOW

Episode 323 Lonnie Isam Founder Motorcycle Cannonball LISTEN NOW

Episode 324 Gordon McCall Founder Quail Motorcycle Gathering LISTEN NOW

Episode 325 Scott Keller Curator for LeMAY Americas Car Museum LISTEN NOW

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