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Chris Johnson
Motorcycle Training Expert
(Latest Show)

Billy Walker
SPokeperson for
National Biker Week

Leslie Porterfield
Worlds Fasts Women Motorcycle Rider owner of High Five Motorcycles

Sam Hopkin
Founder of Pure Gas.org
Avid rider

Alan Lamb
Land Speed Record setter, Racer and owner of Al Lambs Honda

Don Amadore
Spokesperson for Share Trails

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Hog Radio Home Page

Hog Radio is a Syndicated Talk Radio Show covering the world of motorcycling and rider lifestyle with a revolving door of well known, and not so well known, guest interviews.  The goal of Hog Radio is to entertain, inform, educate and motivate. Make sure to visit our Past Guests Page where you can listen to over 250 Guest Interviews. 


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About The Hosts
Walt "The Rev" Fletcher, is a Harley owner and active officer of GNW-Harley Owner Group.  He is passionate about the world of Biking and especially his love for Harley's.When not riding his Heritage Softail Classic or hosting Hog Radio he is working in Computer Support. Walt also started a biker church Eagle Wing Fellowship along with his wife Pat. There's a reason he's called the Rev.

R.C. Quint "The Voice", is a long time rider and know-every-person sort of guy.  Quint has a former life as a DJ, so he knows his way around the microphone and also the road as a one time escort rider.  Quint rides a Harley Road Glide. When not working or doing Hog Radio Quint can be found singing in a Choral group, spending time with his wife or hanging out with his riding buddies. 

Steve "The Producer" Johann, has a background in business, radio, music, sales, marketing and writing.  Steve once owned and road a 650 Yamaha Twin Special way back in the 80's early 90's and is currently saving for his next ride.  When not running his business or producing Hog Radio, Steve can be found enjoying life with his wife and three boys.

To see where the Hog Radio crew will be showing up check out our Puget Sound Biker Events listing at the lower left side of this page.

Hog Radio Monthly Newsletter

Make sure to keep up with everything we are doing here at Hog radio by signing up for our free Hog Radio Newsletter at the Hog Radio Newsletter Page.  Every month you will get a quick overview of who we had one who we will be featuring along with fun and thoughtful articles geared to improving your life as a rider and human being.  Note we won’t give your information away it will stay safe with us.

Hog Radio Past Guests
We at Hog Radio have been blessed to have some of the biggest names in the world of custom motorcycle building on the show with us.  We’ve also had the pleasure of interviewing countless authors, Club presidents and various legends from within the world of motorcycling and the riding world. We invite you to peruse our Hog Radio Past Guests Page and listen to some of these great interviews we’ve captured and saved for your listening pleasure.

Where to hear the Hog Radio Show

The Hog Radio show can be heard on a number of Online/Internet based radio stations and through our very own on demand pod casts.  To find where Hog Radio is being aired go to the Hog Radio Station Finder Page.  To hear our past shows visit the Past Shows Link.

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Please visit our Hog Radio Partners Page where you will see a list of links to various Partners of Hog Radio show.  You will also find a list of potential partner descriptions. You may be one of those. Hog Radio Partners is everyone from the musicians who furnish us with our musical bumpers to sponsors and fellow website link exchangers.  If you wish to become a partner of the Hog radio show then visit the Hog Radio Partners Page and see how you can become part of the Hog Radio show family.

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We hope you enjoy the show and our website.  We will be continually be upgrading what we offer here so make sure to come back often and share us with your friends.  And as we always like to say:  “Keep the chrome side up and rubber side down and we’ll see you out on the road.”  God bless, ride safe.
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